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What's inside: Read how Videxio, a global provider of cloud-based video conferencing tools for business, improved customer experience related to ordering a subscription plan and completing the payment process after implementing Bluestone PIM.



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Your business should strive to provide high quality product information

Imagine a Product Information Management (PIM) solution you can afford and implement easily. One that is scalable and just right for your team right away. Where product data is accurate across sales channels and where your team doesn’t waste time on countless spreadsheet battles or searching for the missing information. Wouldn’t it be great if these obstacles were a thing of the past? We realized these hurdles can only be overcome with a customer-first strategy which we adopted.

Technology to serve your team

Take advantage of a 100% API-based SaaS platform that scales well and allows your team to quickly develop and integrate with a range of third-party software tools. With it, great customer experience and omnichannel consistency are at your fingertips. By the way, it is teeming with features to future-proof your success.

People-centered solution

Bluestone is a fast growing Product Information Management company with an innovative SaaS solution. We are expanding quickly and have customers and partners in Sweden. Our offices are located in Stockholm, Tønsberg, Amsterdam, Gdansk, Palo Alto and Bangkok. We believe in speed and customer centricity, hence we wake up with a desire for innovation and a customer-first mindset, a philosophy behind Bluestone PIM. Implement it and feel how the heart of your digital commerce beats.

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