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Welcome to Bluestone PIM Marketplace

Your business with quality product information

Imagine a Product Information Management solution which you can afford and implement easily. One which is scalable and just right for your whole team. Where product data is no longer out of sync and your team doesn’t waste time on countless spreadsheet battles or searching for the missing information. Wouldn’t it be great if these were a thing of the past? We realized this can only be done with a customer-first strategy, which we adopted. This shift, marked by a new emphasis on API connectivity, was a milestone in the creation of Bluestone PIM.

Technology to serve your team

The way we want this vision to be your business reality is through a user-first, smart and carefully created PIM system. With it, great customer experience and omnichannel consistency are at your fingertips. By the way, it is teeming with other features which will future-proof your success.

People-centered solution

During more than a decade-long journey in software creation, we have grown to a team of 100 colleagues who wake up with a desire for innovation and a customer-first mindset, a philosophy behind our crown jewel, Bluestone PIM. Implement it and feel how the heart of your digital commerce beats.

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