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The Digital Twin Comes Alive

Sales depends on how well you present your product... or rather, its digital twin.

The digital twin is the best possible representation of your product. It's the entire product content, including photos, descriptions and specs, but it is also so much more. Your product’s twin can answer any question about the product like an informed salesperson. He keeps track of reviews. He has a voice and a personality to persuade even the toughest of customers. Once established, he turns into a relentless selling machine that works for you even when you sleep.

Your product will not sell itself, but with the digital twin, it's as close as it gets


The digital twin's superpowers

Digital twin gone rogue

Like it or not, any products you sell online already have their digital twins. Neglect them and they easily become evil twins that confuse customers and hurt your rep.

Don't let evil twins run your business. Take control of your product content and put good digital twins in place that will work for you, and not against you.

How do digital twins shape product experience?

The quality of your digital twin determines how good your product experience will be for your customers.

A good digital twin makes it possible to dive into an experience that is so powerful, so engaging and so complete, that it changes a visitor into a customer every time.

Digital Twin in 60 seconds

Do I need this?

Businesses have been struggling with digitalization for many years. They have been building systems upon systems to cope with market demands. But it's not possible to continue like this, and legacy systems have to go.

In the very near future, great product content won't be a differentiator—everyone will need to have it. Your key advantage will be speed. In order to survive, you will have to quickly adapt and pick up the opportunities to sell. Reaching those optimal speeds is only possible by putting product information at the center of your business. Bluestone PIM provides the means necessary to make this vision a reality.

At some point, you have to do it the proper way: put product information at the center and create good digital representations of your products that help you sell well, no matter the channel or setting. The good news is, you can do this without disrupting your existing business. You can build great product content that makes up your products' digital twins, and prepare for the future in parallel with what you have today. The PIM investment will bring benefits to your existing business, so there is every reason to do this now


Jon Anders Aas-Haug

Founder & EVP Corporate Strategy at Bluestone

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