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Work together on product content

  • Manage product content, campaigns and ads
  • Distribute instantly to multiple sales channels
  • Give your customers best product experience

As a marketer, your strength is in your content.

You're trying to deliver great product content that captivates and engages your customers.

But there are just so many products that need good content.

First, you have to deal with:

  • ... product data scattered across spreadsheets,
  • ... endless ambiguity over who owns the data
  • ... or where to update the data,
  • ... data overwritten by various systems,
  • ... waiting for sluggish data feeds.
Good news
Data, data, data. Why is it taking so much time?
Good news

Bluestone PIM can handle this complexity for you, and let you focus on refining your product information. That's more time for the work you love. And for sharing a cake with your colleagues Cake icon

Bluestone PIM is great for Marketing

Design your own marketing stack

Explore new marketing opportunities with Bluestone PIM Marketplace of Apps.
Connect to world-class marketplaces and industry databases, and integrate with e-commerce solutions.

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Google ShoppingMagentoWakeup dataIndesignCobuilderBrightstar
AmazonGoogle ShoppingMagento
Wakeup dataIndesignCobuilder
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Google ShoppingMagentoWakeup data

5 steps to publishing new products
with Bluestone PIM

A lot has to happen behide the scenes before new products are ready to hit the market.
Bluestone PIM makes this process as easy as possible.

1 -Here it comes!

Product content comes from various sources, such as Excel files, ERP or from external libraries.

2 -Organize it

Good data structure and validation keep your product data ready to hit the market.

3 -Give it extra flair

Your team reviews and enriches product content collectively and adds more assets.

4 -Create relations

Implement item-to-item relations, like upsell and cross-sell, to cretae a perfect product page.

5 -Send it live!

The right content lands in your store, campaign, marketplace, catalog, or banner.

Customers love Bluestone PIM

Unlimited possibilities on a jouney from analog to digital

"Isola selected Bluestone PIM due to its functionality, platform flexibility, and a rich portfolio of additional Apps that makes it easy to expand our solution on demand. Bluestone helped us in our transformation towards improving our digital business processes."

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  • Christine Øvrum Halvorsen, Web Editor

Christine Øvrum Halvorsen, Web Editor