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Many channels, one solution

Create a consistent experience for your customers across all sales channels with one dedicated PIM solution. Ensure reliable product information is displayed correctly towards them. Replace your in-house built product information system with Bluestone PIM and enjoy its advantages.

Product taxonomy

Bluestone PIM supports tag values and a flexible hierarchy of products. You can create as many product categories and subcategories as you need. Assign category level attributes to conveniently validate products within a category, in bulk or individually.

Product relations

Maximize your profits by setting up relationships between products on various levels. You can link related products or accessories and enable other kinds of product-to-product relations, such as upsell, cross-sell or bundles.

Attribute management

Enrich your product information by creating, editing or grouping product attributes. You can set validation rules for core attributes, create compound attributes and remove the ones you don’t need anymore or use them as filters.

Quality information

Enjoy a smart enrich-sync-publish cycle to get the product content out. Thanks to quality safeguards, you can prevent errors before adding, removing or modifying product information. A detailed report will guide you how to meet product requirements.

Product governance

Grant or revoke role-based access to users and allow them to perform limited or all actions in Bluestone PIM. With fine-grained role settings, you can clearly define permission levels and create a secure environement for your product information.

Data flow

Data flow. Thanks to the API-first philosophy behind Bluestone PIM, your product information can be placed into or extracted from any internal or external source, such as supplier portals. You can enrich product content and use the API to get it out hassle-free, just like a number of our customers.