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For your IT architecture

Bluestone PIM offers a truly scalable SaaS solution for product information that you can easily integrate with other elements of your IT infrastructure

No matter how many products you have or how complex your product content is, at Bluestone PIM we can accommodate you in our fully scalable SaaS solution without the need for up-front server investments or expensive upgrade projects as we add more features. Our unique API First strategy makes all your product information easily accessible by any internal or external systems. You can use our API not only to get product content out. All operations in Bluestone PIM can be performed directly via the REST API, making it possible to manage any product content from suitable source systems.

Integrate Bluestone PIM with ERP, ecommerce platform, MDM, and supplier portals either as sources or users of product content or both, and get a seamless data flow and respond faster with high-quality product information:

If you already have a Magento ecommerce solution, integration is even easier. We have developed our own Bluestone PIM Magento extension (link) that ensures all the Product Content you publish in Bluestone PIM can be instantly available in your webshop. Contact us if you have inquiries about ready - made integrations for other ecommerce platforms – we might have something lined up for you.