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For your team

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Built for teams

Harness your team’s expertise, knowledge and collective effort to one place and watch how quality product information comes together.


Abstract icon with multiple users in semi-circles evoking the concept of collaboration

Your whole team can get involved and enrich product information in a meaningful and rewarding way. You can create tasks, delegate and monitor task completion. Save time with automated rules and processes.


Connectivity icon with a laptop symbol against a globe

Connect Bluestone PIM to your existing IT components to facilitate seamless data flow and watch how everything clicks into place.

Time efficiency

A time efficiency concept with a symbol of a clock against a calendar

No matter what you do, get things done in a jiffy. Filter out to swiftly see selected products or edit them in bulk with a quick-responding interface.


A human icon climbing upwards and marking a milestone

Move things around behind the curtain, add attributes or enrich product information and go live with the changes only when you decide you’re ready.


Abstract icon showing flexibility

All organizations have different needs. Bluestone PIM’s configurable product grid and data templates can fit your data model. Use its intelligence to create great product information.


Report pages with a fluctuation symbol

The dashboard with configurable widgets will assist you in your daily work. Use it to see what’s on your plate and get access to performance metrics, reports and analytics.