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Get control of your product data

Difficulties with control of data and content

Our experience from visiting enterprises and brands with omnichannel distribution is that they want more control over their product information data. Product data often lacks structure and organization because the underlying systems don't have clearly defined attributes and categories that are easy to modify. Product data governance becomes difficult to accomplish and is not treated with the importance it deserves. That is a shortsighted strategy if your channels depend on digital product information. We have come across several instances where content administrators worked for years on unstructured textual data, and in consequence, data quality and control deteriorated over time.

Controlling your product data becomes much more important when information is distributed to various digital market places. The work of content managers will become increasingly harder if a proper system is not in place. We often see examples where content managers spend too much time registering new products and their characteristics. This process can be sped up if new products are easily related to – or even share some attributes with – similar products and categories.

Control product data complexity with Bluestone PIM

We believe that in order to sell products successfully through digital channels you need an easy way to register and enrich your product data, description, images and other assets continuously. This process becomes a lot smoother if you use a Product Information Management (PIM) system that can help you maintain efficient product structures, handle complex product and attribute definitions, set up data validation rules and import filters, and give you control over product information updates through shared tasks and information staging.

Product data is not all about facts, descriptions, or pictures. It may also be the fulfilment of legal and regulatory obligations that must be met in order to get the products to the market. Good data governance makes you better, faster and more cost-efficient. It puts you in control.

Bluestone PIM is designed to give the user and the management better control of the product information process and all product content. It supports quick and easy finding, preparing, mastering, governing and protecting of your product information data.

Control of process and content

Bluestone provides several vital functions to get you back in control of your enterprise product information. This includes, among other things, a fine-grained permissions system, customizable reporting dashboards, complete log of all changes, bulk editing functions, data staging and reviews, import filters with error handling, attribute-level validation rules, shared tasks with workflow, built-in comments and notifications, custom product relations, and category-level attributes and assets. All of this to provide you with the best possible tools to get in full control of your product data.

Fourfold product data governance diagram