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Importance of commerce and PIM

Roughly 90% of all products are sold in some kind of physical stores and mere 10% in digital channels. We believe that this will dramatically change and that in a 10 years’ time the ratio will be of the opposite order. The importance of Product Information Management will increase as this is the only way brands, wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers can differentiate and enrich their product content to have an attractive digital offering for consumers and businesses. The digital transformation starts with the understanding that the traditional buying patterns will change and physical products must be displayed in the most favourable way in the digital world.

The time for legacy enterprise applications is over, as they are less effective for business users. Business users want improved integration, collaboration, usability and portal tools. The enterprises that are taking full advantage of the API economy and are willing to transform their IT legacy platforms will be the digital winners. Nothing will stay the same. We are proud that our customers seek our advice for their strategic digital transformation initiatives.

If you're looking for a collaborative SaaS solution for Product Information Management with a first-class API to solve product content chaos, you should choose Bluestone PIM.