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Bluestone PIM simplifies integrations to Episerver

With Bluestone PIM you get access to APIs that allow you to build new and exciting product experiences. Episerver is one of several output channels that you can connect to through by the way of our APIs. When Wilhelmsen Ships Service – a major player in the international shipping industry – decided they wanted to build their new online product catalog in Episerver, Bluestone PIM’s APIs were already documented in Swagger and ready to go.

Bluestone PIM APIs

Bluestone PIM is accessible through APIs that allow you to run the entire platform using only commands – without a user interface in between. This means that you can easily introduce new services without rebuilding the entire platform.

APIs in Swagger

Our public Bluestone PIM APIs are well documented and available to all our customers and partners. In Swagger you will find all the details of our APIs, including technical concepts, formats, authentication methods, error messages and Q&As.

We issue API keys on request

Bluestone PIM functions and data are available by use of unique API keys. Register your project with us and get a set of API keys back! Use these to kick off the project and we will issue more as we build the services together.

Check out our live Bluestone PIM API

a Bluestone Public API window displaying a structure in Swagger featuring processes related to product, category and publish in Bluestone PIM

We have integrated Bluestone PIM with an EPi Server installation for Wilhelmsen Ships Service. Thanks to Bluestone PIM's easy to use API interface the integration process was smooth. The swagger documentation is easy to understand, and the structure of the solution is very good. We love that everything is JSON because it is easy to manage data on our end.

Patryk Manterys - Project Manager at Making Waves