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Our story

Bluestone is a fast-growing Nordic Tech company with a global reach.

The company was established in 2015 to build Bluestone PIM, a disruptive SaaS platform for Product Information Management (PIM).

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The world of digital commerce is changing very fast, and traditional solutions for PIM will face major challenges in meeting future demands. We are passionate about PIM, and we started developing Bluestone PIM from scratch on a true API microservice-based architecture.

We built Bluestone PIM for the future. Maintaining 1000 of products is of course a job that needs to be taken seriously, and to centralize the product information is also a basic benefit of most PIM solution. But the unique value of Bluestone PIM is the extreme flexibility in connecting new sales channels and the possibilities the Apps in the growing Marketplace create.

The team behind Bluestone PIM has been part of the e-commerce business for more than 20 years, and has 15 years of specific PIM experience. We like to say that we know Digital Commerce.

Early in 2018, Bluestone merged with WebOn, a pioneer in the Nordic e-commerce industry. The merger has strengthened Bluestone PIM with a broader competence base and enterprise customers. We are now more than one hundred dedicated colleagues with offices in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Palo Alto, Gdańsk, Bangkok and Tønsberg.

We build partnerships globally with customers and solution partners. Our business model is sustainable, and we make use of the best tools with the goal to reduce travel cost and increase direct access to our expertise. We have the vision to support our global customers and partners as if we were actually in the same room. It’s a digital world, and we live as we learn.

Bluestone PIM - The Heart of Digital Commerce

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