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Key features

Product enrichment

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Bluestone PIM gives you a hassle-free way to enrich your product information in a structured way. Ensure a consistent brand experience in the omnichannel.

Import and export

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Transfer product information from a range of file formats, including Excel into Bluestone PIM by using powerful import features. Our Export feature offers full flexibility to various file formats.


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Your team can join forces in enriching product information in a meaningful and rewarding way. Create and delegate tasks. Avoid duplicate effort and keep track of work progress.


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With internal and external product information repositories, you can set up workflows for publishing. Use strict validation or manual control of the quality of information updates. Plan in advance future launches of new products.

Digital asset management

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Keep track of images, videos, documents and other resources. Connect them to products or categories while avoiding duplicates. Use easy-to-use editing tool built in to change images. The media library keeps historical versions of all assets and ensures all the files are available.

Bulk editing

Bulk Editing

Update multiple attributes, category assignments or product relations across thousands of products in a matter of seconds with Bluestone PIM's smart wizard-based bulk editing capability.


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With strict access control you can invite employees, partners and suppliers alike to collaborate on the products and data that is relevant to each of them, without compromising on data quality.

Dashboard and analytics

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A widget-based dashboard allows you to customize the front page of Bluestone PIM. Create your own panel with key insights and relevant developments.

API and webhooks

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Bluestone PIM comes with a unique API-First strategy. Easily integrate Bluestone PIM with your ERP, e-commerce platform, and supplier portals to build a seamless data flow. Use webhooks that allow your systems to be notified when something changes inside Bluestone PIM.

Ecommerce extensions

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Integration with Magento is very simple with in-house Bluestone PIM Magento extension. Just update product information and sync with Magento.


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Take advantage of integrations with external tools and apps that businesses use and love, like Slack. With this integration, Slack’s advanced messaging is at your disposal.

Language and market support

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Different markets and languages require different versions of product information. With this feature you can easily set up many language versions for your products and make the product information available instantly.