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What you can do

Bring together
Bluestone PIM Interface
Gather product information from different sources, such as spreadsheets,hard drives, ERPs, or local files. Place them in one PIM system and have all product content close at hand.
Transfer product information into Bluestone PIM from a range of file formats, including xls or csv. With complex imports, we can assist you with a bespoke support, regardless of the number of SKUs.

Build a structure which fits your categories and subcategories. Set the parameters for products with category-level attributes to ensure no critical information is missing.

Bluestone PIM Inferface
Keep track of images, videos, documents and other media files. Connect them to products or even whole categories. The media library keeps historical versions of all assets and ensures all the files are available.
Enrich products
Enrich products
Add rich content to deliver a great product message. Go beyond descriptions and use relevant attributes, media files, product relations, and labels. Ensure a consistent product experience in the omnichannel.

Enrich product information by creating, editing or grouping product attributes. Set validation rules for attributes, create compound attributes, use them for filtering, and remove the ones you no longer need.

Maximize your profits by setting up product-to-product relations, such as upsell, cross-sell or bundles.

Update multiple attributes or product relations across thousands of products in a matter of seconds with a smart wizard.

Know how, when and by whom a product was last updated, published or synced.

Different markets and languages require different versions of product information. Set them up with translated content, relations, labels and more to match different scenarios, and improve time-to-market.

Collaborate video thumbnail
Harness your team’s expertise, knowledge and collective effort to one place and watch how quality product information comes together. Avoid duplicate effort, create or delegate tasks, and keep track of work progress.

With strict access control you can invite employees, partners and suppliers alike to collaborate on the products and data that is relevant to each of them, without compromising on data quality.

Work smarter by breaking product enrichment into manageable tasks. Set their private/public status, search task descriptions, and edit their title, deadline or assignees. Tag products related to tasks individually or in bulk and mark them as done when finished.

No need for sending emails. You can discuss, get feedback and reply to tasks within PIM. Go back to conversations whenever you want. It will always be there.

Retrieve information
Retrieve information
Ensure a consistent product experience by allowing your sales and marketing channels to fetch the latest product information from one unified source.

With internal and external product information repositories, you can set up workflows for publishing. Use strict validation or manual control of the quality of information updates. Plan future launches of new products in advance

Enjoy a smart enrich-sync-publish cycle to get the product content out. Thanks to quality safeguards, you can prevent errors before adding, removing or modifying product information. A detailed report will guide you how to meet product requirements and warn against errors.

Use a widget-based dashboard to keep an eye on results, key insights and recent developments.