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Set the right stage for your products

A savvy customer researching products online and enjoying a cup of tea.

Anna has just redesigned her living room. She ordered everything online, never even went to the store. And yet everything fits together so well. How come? Truth is, long before the armchair and the coffee table arrived, they stole Anna's heart. Or rather, their digital twins did.

What is a digital twin? It’s the virtual equivalent of your product. It's what your customers experience before they make a purchase.

If you’re looking for a solution to create a full digital product experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is what you can do in Bluestone PIM


Gather product data from different sources and keep information accurate

Import data

Transfer product data into Bluestone PIM from a range of file formats, including xls or csv. With complex imports, we can offer you bespoke support.

Categorize products

Build a tree structure which fits your product categories and subcategories. Set default parameters for products with category-level attributes to ensure no critical information is missing.

Use advanced filters

Thanks to flexible filtering options, you can quickly whittle down the selection of products, tasks, or media to work further on.

Team up

Work together to establish one source of truth for all product information

Marketing team discussing product content changes in Bluestone PIM tasks.

Set roles and permissions

Invite colleagues, partners and suppliers to collaborate on product information that is relevant to each of them. With defined roles and permissions, you have complete control over your products at any stage.

Work with tasks

Work smarter by breaking product enrichment into manageable tasks. Set them as private or public and select deadline and assignees. Tag products related to tasks individually or in bulk.

Exchange feedback

No need for so many emails. Start a conversation and reply to tasks within Bluestone PIM. Go back to the conversation whenever you want.


Go beyond titles and descriptions to tell a great product story

Add attributes

Enrich product information by creating, editing or grouping product attributes. Set validation rules and create compound attributes to present a combination of two attributes, e.g. height x width.

Manage digital assets

Keep track of documents, images, videos, and other media. Connect them to products, bundles or even whole categories. The media library keeps historical versions of all assets and ensures all files are available.


Set up multiple versions for product information to match different scenarios. The more context-aware information you provide, the more meaningful message you convey. Go one step beyond translations and serve new markets with country-specific content.

Bulk actions

No matter how many products you are working on, you can update their attributes in bulk. Move entire sets of products to different categories in a matter of seconds.

Sell more

Package and promote products in multiple ways to maximize your profits

E-commerce product listing featuring media and description synced from Bluestone PIM.

Set product relations

Implement product-to-product relations, such as upsell, is accessory of, or cross-sell, to boost your e-commerce revenue.

Create product variants

Gather different variants of the same product and group them together. Set up variant-level attributes that will be inherited by all the products in each group. At any moment, you can add existing products to the variant group or create a variant from scratch

Bundle up

Combine as many different products as you want in a bundle. Add relevant attributes and change their quantities. Need new bundles? You don't have to create them all over again. Just duplicate existing ones and modify.