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Bluestone PIM Videxio case study

How Videxio improved customer experience with Bluestone PIM

Videxio is the leading provider of cloud-based video conferencing tools for modern-day businesses. The company was founded in 2011 upon the belief that when it comes to business communication, it’s always better to be seen and heard. Today, Videxio is used in more than 190 countries and 12,000 cities across the globe.




Global: 190 countries


Subscription & licensing handling


E-commerce & payments service

Bluestone PIM is a highly flexible solution that fits our business model It is set up to fit our product structure and G2M model, which is often not the case with more standardized e-commerce solutions. The solution delivery is supported by highly competent people at Bluestone PIM, which was very helpful for us when building an Ecommerce site for the first time

Thomas Hammer Halvorsen, Senior Product Manager at Videxio

Thanks to implementing Bluestone PIM, Videxio:

Improved product portfolio management & subscription handling
Created localized buying experience
Improved customer journey related to ordering a plan
  • Business challenges

    • Manage complex relations within product portfolio consisting of flexible licensing options and plan groups
    • Provide a user-friendly ordering process, subscription plan choice and pricing information
    • Find a solution fitting Videxio’s G2M strategy
  • Solution

    • Integrate the Videxio e-commerce website, product information and ordering process with Bluestone PIM
    • Enrich the PIM interface with custom-made solutions
    • Integrate the solution with Digital River e-commerce and payment service Customized customer management solution Established enhance customer management solution
  • Results

    • Enhanced customer experience with check-out page offering subscription plans with exact prices based on predefined countries, currencies and other variables
    • All information about new and existing customers is available in a single-view repository, while all payment activities are being seamlessly managed within a secured environmen
    • Capability to process global payments, including sending automatic notification messages to the customer
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Bluestone PIM Videxio case study ebook Bluestone PIM Videxio case study ebook Bluestone PIM Videxio case study ebook
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Integrating Product Information Management. Videxio case study

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