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What you get

Connect everything
Build bridges that connect the islands of
your e-commerce archipelago.

Use APIs to connect Bluestone PIM with your e-commerce platform, an ERP system, data from external sources or spreadsheets to bring all product data together, without turning everything upside down.

Bluestone PIM User Interface
Organize information
Everything in order. Finally.

Stop wasting time on countless spreadsheet battles. Establish a single source of truth to centrally manage all your product content. Send the right information to the right channels and watch how quickly great product experience turns into sales.

Bluestone PIM Collaboration
Team up
Enriching product information is not a game of solitaire. Don’t be a recluse. Invite others.

Get your entire team involved and enrich product information in a more efficient way. Don’t overlap efforts and keep track of work progress. That’s what collaboration is about.

Cut legacy loose
Get rid of unnecessary IT sandbags. Fly high. Feel free.

Don’t let your project drown in performance issues. Opt out of heavy legacy IT software and take advantage of cloud-native SaaS for product information. Scale up or down depending on your needs.